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Today we celebrate the arrival of the year of the Black Water Dragon.

The whole team of The Burning Imps, Inc. is proud to announce that this wise and powerful creature now uses our Silverfire™ jet-pack technology to satisfy its travel and combat needs.

Last year, the Silverfire™ tech has been voted as Best in Class by both The Rivellon Times and The Raven's News.

If you want to join the Black Water Dragon, and use the superior Silverfire™ technology, you can sign up here for your FREE trial offer (*)

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(*) Offer valid until the end of the New Year Festival and while supplies last. By signing up you will receive a free DLC item by email when Dragon Commander ships.


"SILVERFIRE™ Jetpacks - because dragons deserve the very best!"

Designed by the arcane legend Maxos and forged in the smithies of the Steadhammer dwarves, SILVERFIRE™ Jetpacks place the ultimate flying machine in your hands. Strap the power of twin dragons on your back and rocket, roar, rock & roll through flame-torn skies! (*)


  • Winner of The Rivellon Times 'Best Tech Award'.
  • The Dragon Commander Today's 'War Machine of the Year' gold medallist.
  • Voted 'Most Feared Contraption' by War-Widows United.

Even wildcard wizard Bellegar was impressed by this marvel of engineering: 'This jetpack's the very thing that will turn the dragon into a king!'

So get your Silverfire Jetpack today - and be the best!

(*) The Burning Imps, Inc. are not responsible for the major havoc caused by its operators.



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